About 3 weeks ago my Oncologist changed up my chemo cocktail and I have to admit it’s been hard to adjust to. It came on really strong and basically stole the last 2.5 weeks from me.

As you have probably surmised, I’ve made little progress on, well, anything really. Right now I’m getting about 1-2 hours a day of being able to get around. Having said all that, I realize that none of this is is really fair to you when it impacts and delays me getting your guns turned around. I’m down to two treatments left so this problem WILL resolve itself – in the meantime…

I know that some of you are working against a timeline and fully understand your need to get your repairs done in a timely manner. I cannot predict what the next 2-3 weeks will hold, and because of that, if you would like to pick up your gun and take it elsewhere I completely understand. Just let me know and we’ll arrange a pickup time.

I’m also currently working with a friend to get a “Job Status Page” set up through my website where you can go and enter your phone # and see any notes or information I have for your project. When I’m able to get it fully updated I’ll send out a message to you.

Again, if you need to find an alternate solution for your repair please don’t hesitate – I’m fully aware that you didn’t sign up for these kinds of delays and am happy to help however I can.

Thank you for your understanding.